Vandermeij Guitars

  • Located in: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Starting at: 2148€ / 2400$
  • Main focus: Modern Solidbody Guitars

Koen van der Meij started his business, Vandermeij Guitars, between 2013/2014 and had a respectful bit of reputation to build its foundation on.

His most known build is a multiscale, headless 7-string that features a beautiful white and gold colour scheme with premium components. Another notable fact is that he shares his workshop with Red Layer Guitar’s very own Jort Heijen. Being able to work together in a shared workshop allows them to cooperate together on projects and creates a friendly in-house rivalry pushing them both to create even greater works of art. 

A good friend of mine had actually ordered one from him. He told me: “I think that natural responsiveness and harmonic richness is what makes a great instrument. Koen’s build certainly has that. ” – Rene




 Vandermeij Guitars Website

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