Red Layer Guitars

This almost seems to glow with power.

  • Elegant fretboards decorated through CNC methods.

    Located in: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Starting at: 2000€
  • Main Focus: Experimenting and tinkering with beautiful woods

Red Layer Guitars have received quite some hype over these last few months and rightfully so! Wonderfully executed instruments with, honestly, one-of-a-kind inlays and CNC work. Outright wizardry which has caught the attention of many eyes and ears…

This side project from the amazingly down-to-earth pleasant Mr. Jort Heijen is a concoction of many influences. Between his time in carpentry school, work with some fellow regional luthiers, and his own experiments. Being a employee at Adamovic’s Basses is certainly a big plus for this as well. Also, what is very cool, is that Jort shares a workshop with colleague and friend Koen van der Meij of Vandermeij Guitars.

His wood selection is crazy – I thought Bond Guitars were the kings of woods.

Even though there are mainly “Avenger-Shapes”, these builds contain a serious amount of detail and thinking on every corner. Also, I’ve noticed that all of his builds have have a pallet of red, brown, orange hued woods for their tops. I don’t know if this is ironic or just iconic. If anything, it is an indication towards Heijen’s taste of natural finishes/looks on guitars in particular.

If your in search for a luthier that will make you a guitar infused with passion and patience then Jort is definitely your man!”Rene




A *strandberg styled guitar can be seen here in this music video:


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