Mayones Guitars & Basses

The Draco 7, created in celebration of Mayones’ 35th anniversary.

  • LOCATED IN: Gdansk, Poland.
  • STARTING AT: ~£1500
  • SPECIALIZES IN: Solidbody, versatile guitars and basses.

Mayones Guitars and Basses celebrate their 35th anniversary this year. The guitars range from 6 to 8 strings while the basses range from 4 to 6. Mayones began in a garage partnership with two individuals who later became family, thus making them a family owned business and trademark. The family’s pride is carried through this brand and it is noticeable that care and effort is put in every single build. They’ve gained a very wide audience and receive many orders by individuals and companies. Their product has been distributed around the world resulting in over 50 different official dealers. Despite the popular demand, Mayones claims that each of their guitars has been completely hand crafted since their beginning in 1982 – I’m not sure about you guys but this to me is extremely impressive.

A large and ever growing roster of artists that swear by their product. Some noticeable artists that Mayones have worked with over the last few years are Misha Mansoor, Mark Holcomb, Sithu Aye, Mohini Dey, Mick Gordon, Keshav Dhar, Luke Hoskin, Ryan Siew and  so many more. Mayones have several existing signature models. These guitars belong to Acle Kahney from Tesseract (Setius AK1) and John Browne from Monuments/Flux Conduct (Duvell QATSI). The basses to Hadrien Feraud (Jabba Hadrien Feraud), Maurizio Rolli (Patriot MR), and Federico Malman (Jabba Mala). Even my personal guitar hero, Jakub Zyteci, has just been inducted into their ranks not too long ago.

Trey Xavier of Gear Gods has concluded in review that “this is one of the very best guitars I’ve played to date, and that if you’re thinking about buying one, you for sure won’t be disappointed.”

Having played a few of their guitars myself, ranging from standard models to a custom shop Regius 6 owned by Sithu Aye , I can tell you that they are extremely consistent. Honestly, it feels as if they were factory made – that’s how consistent and flawless they are. It is obviously personal opinion, but I have never quite felt a better feeling neck than one on a Mayones. They seem to nail every aspect of a exceptional instrument with ticks in all all the boxes. The only downside was that I found was in  the Regius’ flat top. It was not as comfortable as the Setius model, but they have recently released the Regius Core – an arch-top variant. It feels extremely comfortable to play. I believe that all of this justifies the hefty price tag. You are paying for something representing which is damn near perfection.Luigi




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