Dean Gordon Guitars

    • LOCATED IN: Queens, New York City, USA
    • STARTING AT: $2800
    • SPECIALIZED IN: Solid, ergonomic, electric guitars with aluminium-heels.

Dean Gordon builds guitars around his ideology of an ergonomically perfect instrument. That’s why the concept and construction of his already many years old ‘Mirius’ design hasn’t really changed much over time. Why point at the age of his models so obviously? Well, because he’s about the age of 23 right now. Set on his flawless models when he was 17, he began his work in full-time at 19. Insanely young and I’m so glad that it has worked out for him!

I’ve recognized his work three years ago and fell in love with the design; the presentation and concept amazed me for such a young fella. It is extremely inspiring since Dean is almost the same age as me. The bevels, cutouts and see-through gloss finish gives such a leathery look, especially since they were so flawless. It makes sense since the lower horn was kind of butchered away.

For the lower horn replacement, he uses bent, aircraft-grade aluminium. Obviously because of weight, enough density and relatively low-cost material to use for such scenario.

Removing the aluminium makes the body look like a failure to be honest.

His attitude is extraordinary optimistic, while he ‘firmly believes his work is better than that of the Fender and Gibson custom shops. The quality and originality is hard to counter, since guitar builders do concentrate on so many old ideas these days. Currently, he is awaiting for custom orders, yet he has finished up to 10 guitars in that meantime, so Dean certainly isn’t lazy at the least.

The differences between his two models are that the ‘Mirius’ is a single-cut with 6 stainless-steel bolts while the ‘Virtus’ is a double-cut with 4 bolts.

A luthier to be looked after? Perhaps so.Rene





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